Space and Administrative Boundaries at the Birth of the Italian Kingdom

Luigi Blanco


The essay analyses the relationship between administration and territory at the birth of the Italian unitary state. Follow­ ing the discussions of the time involving scholars of diverse disciplinary provenance, politicians, and administrators, the essay highlights the main problems encountered by the de­ sign of the administrative districts of the new Kingdom of Italy: the territorial contradictions and the imbalances that conditioned their initial structure and subsequent history; the legacy of the boundaries and internal territorial divisions of the former states of the peninsula; the various propos­ als put forward for the country’s regional organization by geographers, statisticians and politicians, even before the completion of uni cation; the territorial and administrative problems of the new state: natural or arti cial districts, small or large provinces, the weight of municipalities, projects of regionalization; the contribution of new sciences, such as ge­ ography and statistics; the choice of administrative central­ization, with its inevitable consequences on the boundaries of territorial partitions, linked to the ›exceptionality‹ of the historical moment. 



History; Administration; Boundaries; Italian Kingdom; Space


La liberazione del Mezzogiorno e la formazione del Regno d'Italia, Carteggi di Camillo Cavour con Villamarina, Scialoja, Cordova, Farini, ecc., edited by the Publishing Committee, Bologna 1961, vol. I, pp. 144-145



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